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Marketing Services

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Marketing Plan Consultation and Development

Why have a marketing plan? Let our experts explain why a proper marketing plan for YOUR business is mission critical.
We will help you to analyze your business strengths, weaknesses, resources and objectives to develop a detailed marketing plan. It will be your road map to helping you achieve your goals. We can also help you with any portion of the implementation of your plan.

Ask to speak to one of our Marketing Experts and request a quote.

Marketing Collateral

Need a fresh and professional design of your company logo, business cards, letterhead, folders, company profiles, advertisements, flyers, banners, presentation template etc. Our marketing and graphics design experts can help you to achieve the look and feel that you need.  

Your Corporate Newsletter

We can design the look and feel, write articles, layout content and e-broadcast (or print) your company newsletter. Integrate some of our special editorial content to develop a professional, high-impact company newsletter. Contact us for more information.

e-mail Broadcasting and Activity Tracking

We can help you broadcast to your OPT-IN e-mail customer list with 100% compliance to the privacy regulations. We can help you build subscription database and track all activity from your readers.

Event Marketing

We can help you to promote your local or national events and seminars. Using our event management web-based solution, direct mail and professional telemarketing services we can help you to prospect a specific target group of end-users and register them to attend your event. We provide complete event planning, organization and on-site management. Contact us for more information.

Web Video Commercials – Video Production

You can create your own video to promote your company or solutions. Vendors also produce e-commercials to showcase their new products or special promotions. You can customize any of our readymade vendor-exclusive e-commercials to e-mail to your customers.

Ready-Made marketing tools that is customizable by resellers to prospect their customers

Several vendors already produce effective marketing tools that resellers can customize and reuse to prospect their customers. Our series of product catalogs or solutions guides offer resellers a professional, high-impact and cost-effective solution to prospect their customers. We help resellers leverage these ready-made tools and content from their vendors to customize and re-purpose for their marketing campaigns. Some vendors also offer to pay for direct-mail costs.

Direct Mail Services

Database management, elimination of duplicates, address verification and correction, ink-jet labeling, poly bagging, and low-cost bulk mailing through the postage service. Contact us for more information.

We can call your customers – re-qualify leads, win back customers, gauge customer satisfaction, promote your special events and promotions, get them to visit your location, arrange sales visits, etc. Contact us for more information

Contact us to discuss your needs or receive a quote for any marketing campaign service.

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