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Become a CRMA Preferred Partner

Vendors are welcome to learn about CRMA and to explore how they can leverage this business-savvy reseller network on many levels.

CRMA was founded over 10 years ago to unblock the greatest bottleneck in reseller sales growth…their marketing and sales skills! It is an on-going journey as we continue to help more resellers every day, one by one. CRMA is all about helping resellers to improve their business skills. A better business-skilled reseller channel helps the entire IT Industry! This will remain the number one goal of CRMA.

Supporting CRMA is a group of channel-centric companies affiliated with TechnoPlanet. (TechnoPanet has been doing just about everything in channel development for IT Partners since the past 20 years. To learn more about TechnoPlanet please visit

If you believe that the better resellers are those who have the right business skills including marketing, sales and management, then this group may be a perfect fit for you.

What are the key points about CRMA?

  1. We are NOT a buying group of any sort.
  2. Our primary goal is to help Resellers grow their business form a business skills perspective with a specific
    emphasis on marketing and sales.
  3. We do NOT charge anything to resellers to become a CRMA Member.
  4. Each year, our members get a rebate check for up to 5% on all marketing services that they purchase from us.
  5. NEW - Members get access to select CRMA preferred partners to benefit their business on many levels.

How can I become a CRMA Preferred Partner (CPP)?

Becoming a CPP is simple, if you qualify. Offer our members a great discount and/or annual rebate on your services or products and we will pass on 100% of the savings directly to them. That is it. No fine print.

Please NOTE: We do NOT facilitate any vendor to sell products directly to resellers if they already have a distributor. Any such vendor discounts offered to Members would have to be in addition to what they currently get from buying from their distributors, as an added incentive to sell your products. For product-based vendors, we suggest offering end-user rebates to have a direct impact on end-user demand without affecting margins at distribution or reseller levels.

To qualify as a CPP, you must offer significant value to our Members as approved by CRMA. Please submit your inquiry Send a simple overview of your services and how it can benefit our members; What you normally charge and what you will charge our members; If and how much you will provide each member with an annual bonus rebate as a percentage of what they purchase from you each year; And, your complete contact information. Please include your web site address as well. We will review and contact you to discuss further. If you are approved as a CPP, then you will be listed in our CPP directory for all members to see.

What types of Partners make a great CPP?

Any company who has a valuable service or product to offer computer resellers can be a good Partner.

  • Marketing services
  • Business training
  • Reseller business automation software
  • Employee Recruitment
  • Distributors
  • Managed Services
  • Leasing
  • Health/Dental Coverage
  • Credit Card and other payment providers
  • Courier companies
  • Office products
  • Telecommunications
  • Printers
  • Internet
  • Business Insurance

If you are accepted as a CPP, there is no cost to be listed in our Preferred Partner Directory. Only CRMA members have access to the Preferred Partner Directory.

How do I promote my business to the CRMA Members?

We offer several opportunities for you to promote your business to the members, including e-mail communications, web seminars and events. Some are FREE and others are fee-based sponsorship. You will be informed of all such marketing activities throughout the year to evaluate.

Why should CRMA Members be a prime target reseller group for my company?

CRMA Resellers are proactively developing their marketing and sales skills to grow business. As such, they are best suited to effectively prospect their customers and to be successful in the long-term. A CRMA Member is simply better at generating end-user demand and generating higher customer retention levels! This group could use any service or product that will help them to improve their business performance.

I am a Vendor looking to train my current reseller partners:

A better skilled reseller partner will translate into a more effective sales force for you. Vendors can help their partners by simply subsidizing the various training costs for their key reseller partners. We can customize a Business Skills Training Program exclusively for your key partners. You just decide the funding level and select your partners who qualify for funding. Our professional business coaches will get the job done.

Annual CPP Performance Review:

Every year, CRMA will review all CPP services with our members to ensure that the expected satisfaction levels are met. CRMA reserves the right to cancel any Preferred Partner Status at anytime with 30 days notice.

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