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Lead Management

How can we increase your closing rates by at least three times with no more effort on your part?

The vast majority of sales leads are never converted into actual sales. While they are many reasons why this happens, we focus on the following key factors that can maximize your closing rates.

Lead Re-qualification: Too many times, leads are not real prospects. You must first weed out these time-wasters.

Lead Processing: Hot leads must be distributed to the right sales reps that will maximize the chances for closing. Too often leads are just forwarded to a source with just the hope that it may be followed up properly, Unfortunately, in most cases no one ever verifies the end result.

Lead Follow up: Every lead sent to a sales rep for follow up must also be independently followed up in order to know if a deal was closed or at least gauge the customer satisfaction to build your knowledge base.

Lead Results Measurement: If you never know how many sales leads converted into actual sales for any given lead-generation campaign, then how will you know where best to spend you next marketing dollars?

Partner Sales Closing Measurement: If you are a vendor, how will you know which partners did the best or worst job in closing your sales leads. How will you know who are best partners to send more leads in the future?

We can help. You simply funnel your raw sales leads to us and we do everything else. Ask about how we can increase your closing rated today to maximize your ROI.

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