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About CRMA

The Computer Reseller Marketing Alliance (CRMA) helps computer resellers to train their staff, streamline operations and implement effective marketing programs to grow their business.

Any Computer Reseller from anywhere in the world can become a CRMA Member, for FREE!

CRMA currently has over 500 members and we are constantly prospecting over 25,000 select VARS across North America every day – one by one!

Our goal is to build the largest group of resellers who share a common interest of improving the marketing aspects of their businesses. With a more effective marketing and sales force, CRMA resellers will achieve their full potential.

These are the key areas of our focus:

  1. Employee training
  2. Marketing process and campaigns
  3. Customer Relationship Management
  4. Sales process
  5. Web strategy
  6. Customer database development and management

Recognizing the need to build the marketing and sales skills of resellers, The Computer Reseller Marketing Alliance (C.R.M.A.) was formed by TechnoPlanet Productions Inc. ( an international marketing and communications company) in 1998.

If you are interested in improving the way you market and sell to your customers, then register today to become a member of CRMA. 

Get Started Today…

Simply complete our application form so we can register your company as a CRMA Member. You will start receiving all sorts of marketing and sales information to help your business. (It is FREE to become a CRMA member. You only pay for the marketing and business services that you purchase.)

Looking for immediate help? Ask to speak to one of our Business Consultants. We will explore how we can help you reach your goals. Initial marketing or sales consultation to review your needs is FREE.

Start your very-own CRMA

Chapter in your country. Contact us for more information and to explore how developing a local CRMA Organization in your country can be a win for everyone.

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